Do you like Teen Wolf? Do you like Settlers of Catan? Do you like saying “I’M THE ALPHA NOW!” in a dramatically deep voice? You’ve come to the right place. 

As a side project during our final year of school my friends (x & x) and I have made a Teen Wolf version of Settlers of Catan (so as not to spend the entire hiatus sobbing to each other about Derek).

We wanted to make it accessible for anyone who also wanted to play out there in the great world of internet, so we made an entirely printable version ready for only mildly confusing setup! Only a few painstaking hours of printing and cutting out cards until you are your very own Alpha werewolf building a pack larger than any other!


1. DOWNLOAD THE PDFS - included are 3 .pdfs Cards, Hexes, and Instructions/Credits

2. BUY ACTUAL CATAN - no seriously .pdfs do not include game pieces and it’s probably going to be confusing if you’ve never played before, so y’know buy real catan and bask in its delightfulness and then: 

3. GET TO PRINTING - everything is 8.5x11in format so your standard printer will work. For best results invest in printing on card stock, otherwise print on normal printer paper and glue everything to something more sturdy. If you’re super keen go to your local print shop and have them print it it’ll be oh so nice. 

4. CUT EVERYTHING OUT - aha, having done this I don’t envy you! scissors or a cutting blade and a ruler work best unless you are a master with a paper cutter. 

5. PLAY AND ENJOY - you have no idea how satisfying it is to be screaming about not having enough emotional trauma until you’ve done it. 

So there you have it Teen Wolf Catan!

We mean absolutely zero copyright infringement on either Teen Wolf or Settlers of Catan and are making no profit from this. Please buy Catan! Please watch Teen Wolf on MTV or whatever! 

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