lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

I’m so glad I eventually figured this out

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Never ever forget that


  • Steve Rogers was raised by an Irish-catholic single mom in New York in the Depression era
  • Steve Rogers grew up with a ton of disabilities
  • Steve Rogers had an apartment in an incredibly gay section of New York
  • Steve Rogers was a fine arts student
  • Steve Rogers completely missed the Red Scare, McCarthyism, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, etc.
  • Steve Rogers was written by two Jewish guys
  • Steve Rogers had a gay best friend and did not consider his love to be any less valid or less real
  • Steve Rogers worked with Japanese-American and black soldiers in, again, the Second World War
  • Steve Rogers was just in a movie about how utterly fucked up the military-industrial complex is

Basically if your Steve Rogers is a conservative commie-hating uberChristian who would be at home in a racist southern church, you’re doing something wrong.

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korra better take a life changing field trip with Zuko

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The real story behind the war over YA novels






y’all should probably spend some time reading this

Oh my god this was supposed to be about books but it’s actually about my relationship with my parents I was unprepared for these feels

yep yep yep this

"The hot insistence on labeling YA as “trashy” and not fit for adult reading isn’t just about a visceral hatred of genre fiction. It’s also a form of denial from older adults who don’t want to engage with the issues faced by Millennials. If the validity of experiences underlying the desire to read YA can be eliminated, then older adults can feel less responsible for what they did to the generations that followed them"

Read the whole thing. Seriously.

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(via Love Your Body Campaign Posters on Behance)


(via Love Your Body Campaign Posters on Behance)


X-Men by drMierzwiak


X-Men by drMierzwiak

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This is so important

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Not that I ever really talk to anyone on tumblr, but I’m going to NYC for a week and shall not be reblogging my paltry weird things until the 8th. 


Teen Wolf Season 4 Promotional Photo

Teen Wolf Season 4 Promotional Photo

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