SO Derek Hale had an okay average day and everyone else had the shittiest of times. I kept wanting to tell him to go buy a lottery ticket roll up the rim to win so he could get a free doughnut. 

Teen Wolf does Miracle Day??? The miracle is Derek having no blood stains on his shirt for a whole 12 hours.

caskett + holiday events

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My project for the day! #guardiansofthegalaxy


My project for the day! #guardiansofthegalaxy


Nobody else in the tags is talking about the feminism issues in BB right now and after all that scrolling, I finally found your post and I just really wanted to thank you because it's nice to see even if it won't get as many notes as the Zankie gifs

Oh! no problem, I think? baha

I’m a super casual (if not ritualistic) watcher of BB, and I don’t usually venture into the online communities for fear of the craziness. It was just bothering me enough I could formulate an actual coherent soap box about it. But hey, good to know other people are thinking the same thing right?

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maxwrite said: 

Agreed wholeheartedly. Although I do recall at least one or two others in the house mentioning that he’s being creepy. I think it was … Derrick? Cody? Idk, I just remember it being said. But yeah, it isn’t being focused on enough.

Yeah, I know they’re all just trying to avoid conflict and stuff too and I do know in the diary room some of them have been like “Yo dude back off chill out.” But i’m not sure I’ve seen them saying to his face like your ATTITUDE IS NOT OKAY. I really just want to hear someone say SHE DOESN’T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Of course it’s not like I’m watching the live feeds or anything I mean they could have beat that horse dead by now and not shown us any of it - but I mean if that is the case then the beef is with the editing of the show then and the culture and attitudes it’s perpetuating.

Next time someone says feminism isn’t necessary I’m gonna make them watch an episode of big brother 16.

If the fact that Caleb consistently harasses Amber, a woman who has politely expressed her disinterest in his attention (and even indulged his ridiculous pseudo date attempts) and continually claims that she owes him at least a date for treating her nicely and doing game play moves for her that she explicitly told him not to do - doesn’t make your skin crawl there’s something deeply wrong with you. 

Also his endless mentioning that she is HIS QUEEN. His expressing his displeasure when she tries to do anything independently/monitors her activities. That she needs to be SCARED BACK INTO LINE. And that NO ONE in the house has expressed how creepy awful he’s being????? That they are TELLING HIM HE’S RIGHT AND THAT SHE’S BEING CRAZY?

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What a bag of dicks. JFC I wish Joey was still around.

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7/26/14: “How terrifying is James Spader on set?” [X]

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Brace yourselves, Legends is coming. And so our death watch begins… 


Brace yourselves, Legends is coming. And so our death watch begins… 

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